A testimonial for Lauren Hoyle and Pawfect Behaviour
I am writing this testimonial because I’d love anyone who is considering Lauren as a dog trainer to not hesitate for one moment and to book straight away.
Last October Jez (my husband) and I adopted Ellie from a rescue centre.  She is a Kelpie cross (with we think with a Border Collie) and she’d had quite a terrible start to her life.  We were told a lot of things about Ellie and to be honest none of them were that correct, she didn’t know how to play, she was fear aggressive with other dogs, no idea how to walk on a lead and was so distrusting of anyone it was pitiful.  The first two dog trainers we tried, took our money and hopes and gave us a lot of obedience and correction.  We knew no better so set about doing all we’d been taught and to be honest in six months things just got worse.  I even at one point phoned the rescue shelter in tears asking how I could ‘return Ellie’.  We couldn’t be near other dogs, walking was incredibly stressful, at home we received no love and she was obsessive with anything she could find in the garden (poor lizards, skinks, possums, etc). Then!!!  We picked a friends dog up from Scooby Dooz and heard all about Lauren and Pawfect Behaviour.  Seriously if you can hear the Hallelujahs you are not losing your mind.  We started training with Lauren in April 2012 and we saw immediate results.  Lauren was the first trainer to not try correction but to actually understand Ellie’s past, her fears, her triggers, basically her behaviour.  We realised we had been making things even worse for our little pooch with correction techniques and actually what Ellie was missing was good old confidence and impulse control.  She really didn’t have any.  We guess that’s what you get for being tied up for your first 18 months and being prey to any animal that takes a fancy to you .  Lauren has been so patient and caring with us.  She saw what we didn’t, that Ellie is actually a little star waiting to shine.  With Lauren’s tutelage Ellie can now happily walk by our side.  She can be near other dogs, she can even meet and greet when it’s done correctly.  She is growing daily in confidence, in trust, in self control and she’s becoming the most amazing little dog.  I cannot believe we almost gave up on her like those before us had.  Ellie has brought so much love and fun into our life that we can’t even imagine life without her (or to be honest without Lauren either!).  We’ve had Ellie for one year now, we are confident enough to have our first family holiday this year and we have the training, tips and skills to tackle whatever comes our way.  Now Ellie is a very high energy case, she will always be, but what Lauren has done in such a short amount of time is insane.  We cannot thank her enough for showing us how to gain Ellie’s trust, to make her part of our family and for us to glow with pride each week  as she improves some more. Most dogs are not as extreme as Ellie but I can say without hesitation whatever training you need and whatever you want to make your pooch pawfect and have coffee shop manners… Lauren can do it!
Thanks Lauren from the bottom of our hearts
Team Ellie xxx

A big thank you to Lauren and all her pawfect friends for helping Lilly learn that there are lots of potential friends out there and the world doesn’t have to be a scary place.

Lilly had a lovely walk this afternoon after her group class and was so much more relaxed and really enjoying it. We passed a couple of dogs and she was non-reactive (the bunnies were another matter!) which means I am now able to enjoy the walks more too.

Even though she has always gotten on fine with our other greyhound, this afternoon they seemed to take it to another level and really enjoyed each other’s company.

Nothing like a happy dog to make you smile.

Thank you!!!
Mirren and Lilly

My name is Miss Ava and I was just 6 months old when I met Lauren at her Pawfect behaviour classes for the first time when my Mum and Dad decided it was time for me to learn some manners and how to behave like a nice cocker spaniel.
I arrived at Scooby Dooz for my first class and the first pup I met was called Abbie an old friend from puppyschool….wooo hoo…. this was going to be fun……then I met Ellie, she was a bit scared of us young energetic pups, and it took her a long time to come and learn how to play… Then there was big Jed and another cocker called Jarvis.

Then Lauren started to talk to us all, she wanted to find out about our most annoying habits….yayy more play…….. but no… she wanted us to behave…..and do you know what?……..it was such good fun…each time we did good things we got a treat and lots of praise, the more we got things right the more treats and praise. This was easy. Everything Lauren said made sense. My Mum got so much more confident in dealing with my antics, or some of them anyway (but I always made sure I kept one or two up my sleeve. he he he)…..

So with a newly confident Mum and me being good and getting treats for nice behaviour I decided that I’d like to come back again for some more training. Each week we learned more and more manners and after 4 weeks I graduated from my class and promised to come back and visit from time to time, and I have.

“Aunty” Lauren has a wonderful way with us doggies. Some of us need lots of gentle reassurance before the real work can begin, and she has endless patience and a fantastic positive attitude to all of us. This has been proved with Ellie, She had an unhappy family before michelle and Jez brought her home and It has taken her a long tome to learn how to play, but Lauren and her Pawfect Behaviour training has proved that no doggie problem is too much for her methods.

I love Aunty Lauren and love visiting, she always gets me doing new things that make me a much better Cocker Spaniel and we always finish by learning new behaviours and tricks too.

Love Miss Ava and her humans, Karen and Steve.